Second life- Exciting Escapism!

I sat through Intellagirl’s Second Life presentation twice. The first time was when she presented in Susan Herring’s class the week before the Thanksgiving break. It was a very informative session where she took us through how Second Life works and actually showed us the way she and Mark communicated in SL. I had some idea about the existence of SL since I started with Susan’s class… but I had never really witnessed it till that moment. I am not very big on new technology, new tools, basically anything new which means I have to upgrade my skills or knowledge by leaving my comfort zone, is too much of a trouble. SL for me was quiet interesting… all the cool characters, hair dos, hair color, the 3 D feeling… I could actually have a tiny waist and fit into really cool clothes in SL!!! 🙂

When Intellagirl came to Dr Bonk’s class for the presentation the second time around, I was frankly considering bunking it. I had already seen what she had to say about SL and I was running a slight a cold that day. But I am glad that I did sit through it.  After the handful of classes I have attended this semester I have come to realize that Dr Bonk’s classes are very exciting and predictable…sometimes I just look forward to his face color and the hat he will wear in the next class! Even the way Intellagirl took up the presentation in his class was so much more different than the previous class. The only thing she repeated was where she showed her class students and their big pumpkin like avataars (I don’t remember what they were called)… Her main purpose for using SL is purely for educational purposes. I think it is a very cool concept to actually teach a class in the SL environment. I have not experienced even a little bit to understand and comment on its sensibilities…. But the other possibilities which give a very escapist view to the SL phenomenon are probably more fascinating for me. Do not mean to offend anybody, but the idea of SL actually being accepted as a real life is hard enough to swallow. But I think it is a great outlet to explore your senses and try out new avatars, enjoy the things you may never have or are not capable of having ever. As has been shown it is a great source of income as well for some people…. SL opens up all kinds of social, economic, as well as emotional possibilities. It would be interesting to see the kind of psychological research being carried out probably on the kind of psychological effects second life has the lives people. It is very possible (if it hasn’t already happened) that people are able to control and lead two simultaneous fulfilling lives at the same time. It might not be strange to have a different set of families, career, and daily problems on SL, just like the fist life. The one thing which I am very curious is to know for how long does leading a successful, fulfilling, ‘different’ SECOND life satisfy people till they start missing it in their FIRST life.


One Response to “Second life- Exciting Escapism!”

  1. Evren Says:

    I look forward to Dr. Bonk’s classes too and also wonder about the tie he will wear 🙂

    Intellagirl’s presentation was really great and gave us lots of ideas about education, business, emotions, etc. However, I’m still not sure about if you can try new things ‘you may never have or capable of having ever’. Because even for different hair styles you have to pay money. I think, you have the chance to do so if you belong to the ‘lucky minority’.

    When I created an account and wandered through the streets of second life -which I thought not much more different than the visual settings of real life except the super sexy characters you can see all around- I felt ‘why not in first life!’. Do you really think what people miss is a “successful, fulfilling, ‘different’ life? Or are there any other things?

    Here is a funny video for the answer:

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