Curtis Bonk: A Web 2.0 educator


Dr Bonk must have given us a thousand articles to read and research over about the Web 2.0 movement. All of them spoke endlessly about the vast possibilities and awesome advantages of doing it the Web 2.0, collaborative way. Not trying to earn brownie points (or maybe I am) but I am going to try and look at how Dr Bonk is a true Web 2.0 type of an educator.

The three main features of Web 2.0 learning are Collaboration, Collaboration, and some more Collaboration.  Dr Bonk’s wiki book idea to write chapters with students from other universities and have us edit each other’s entries was an excellent to drive home the collaboration feature.  The wiki writing exercise was a very mature exercise in editing others work and have other people look at your work with a critical eye and taking it in the right way. I remember in one of the classes Dr Bonk got lots of slides to present with people and their faces and what they do in the industry…. That was the first time when I found out what the Bingo game was. Since I am an international student a lot of these things are lost on me… but the idea to match those faces and have a bingo thing going was pretty cool. It was one of the most innovative ways I have seen to make students listen to a presentation with drab subject content.

Another important feature I have seen is immediate feedback…students are never left wondering about a particular query, statement, or problem. He is always very fast about his feedback which is constructive and gives you a direction to work in. there is never a sense of demotivation in his class… I feel like I am in charge of what I want to learn from this class… there is a whole lot of stuff out there for me to access… its upto me how far I get into it. This blogging assignment is also a Web 2.0 feature he utilizes, using a free service on the internet, and having other people comment on your work.         

No matter how far the technology goes, and how advanced learning becomes… without a teacher/instructor/facilitator it can go beyond a point. There is just so much technology can do for the students, it is up to teachers like Dr Bonk to show us the different possibilities and help us tread the unknown path of Web 3.0 technology!


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