Orkut and Facebook- the networking saga!

I  used to have a Orkut account till about last year. I didn’t really have it for too long to start with… but then I got bored of the whole internet networking idea… I was wasting a lot of time ‘orkut stalking’ reading other people’s messages and generally keeping an eye on things! J


After being ‘virtually’ anti-social for a long time, I decided to get back online through Facebook. I think it is a much cooler application than Orkut. There is just so much I can do; I can actually feel productive about wasting my time online! I can play games, fight with other Werewolves, and check my horoscope for the day, all in one day. My personal experience with all of these sites has been pretty limited, till I discovered Facebook. I spend a whole lot of my time (free and otherwise!) logged on to Facebook, looking through my friends photo albums, catching up, and comparing my movie tastes. Each application is a like a like a new toy, which you invite other friends to play with. This is collaboration in a true sense, where people add an application on the basis of your recommendations.  Six degrees of separation are truly tested and proved through this networking. It is not too difficult to find connections between 2 people from different cultural folders to connect, all within a range of 6 degrees!

It is also interesting to follow the economics of these networking sites. Microsoft has apparently bought 1.6% of the Facebook’s share in October of this year. Los Angeles based Intermix owns MySpace another big player in the social networking arena. The smart business deals made out of such popular phenomenon, has really given a new meaning to virtual profit. Each of these sites has their ardent followers, even though they may not be faithful. Just like maintaining different email ids for different groups of people, one person may have a profile on all of these sites at the same time.  He or she uses it to keep in touch with possibly completely different sets of friends.

Using Second Life, networking sites, and it’s like for the purpose of education amongst a whole lot of other things, is a very interesting thing. I think its Web 2.0 at its collaborative best. Again, the only concern I will have till I know better, are the psychological effects virtual lives and virtual realities are going to have on people of all generations? But as I said, after a few years, a virtual life night be the real life. It won’t be weird to feel that way, neither would it seem like a potential psychological risk. So, I still have hope…. I can be an excellent public speaker, in the virtual world!


2 Responses to “Orkut and Facebook- the networking saga!”

  1. Evren Says:

    I also found Facebook interesting at the beginning; but time consuming nowadays. And I am questioning the meaning of friendship. Does going to same school, residing in a same city make you friends? I think there should be something more than just physically appearing in the same place.
    However, it makes me think how this Facebook become so widespread. Is it because of that it allows to satisfy two physcological behaviour which human beings have in common: peeping and exhibitionism? One thing for sure is, the content which the web is in need, is in the prosumers’ hands (Both producer and consumer as Intellagirl called). Therefore, web 2.0 is so successful: creating, innovating, social networking, collaborating, sharing!

  2. deepalij685 Says:

    According to me, networking sites have very little to do with friendships. it is more about looking cool and doing things to be a part of the crowd. also, especially in the case of Facebook, there are a lot of other applications (Scrabble, some financial share trading game etc) which has made is popular for the users. the world is shrinking too fast, the internet is making things too easy…. it is too hard to resist ourselves from peeping and becoming exhibitionists of sorts!

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