Sports and Web 2.0

I ran a search for the role of Web 2.0 in sports. And I got some pretty interesting results. Check this:

A symposium on the future of sport and Web 2.0, should be pretty interesting. And I came across some actual gadgets and not just tools. Check the new sports tracker from Nokia.

You can record, analyze and compare your exercise data with users from around the world. I am all for a exercise buddy, so this could be a very good option for people who work out on their own but still would like to compare notes with other people.

I got interested in football the past few months. I had been to Miami one weekend and witnessed the couch scene for most of the day till the games, the laptops, and the fantasy football sites were on. I think the fantasy football (or any game for that matter) is a great collaborative tool. It records all the data, analyzes your players, as well as tests your knowledge about the game and the players looking at your tactics. Silly me, didn’t even know that the quarterback has a earphone all the time, through which the coach communicates with him about the play. That was another lesson for me about the game!


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