The Rock of Gratitude

Let me start off the blog with a philosophy coupled with reality kind of an entry.

Just saw the first 45 minutes of The Secret. As you sow, so shall you reap meets it’s all about perspective meets positive thinking meets you are your thoughts. Interesting stuff. Made like a mystical concept with some Dan Brownish musical effect thrown in for flavor. Might have got through the entire movie if it didn’t have that mythical element, strange movie still blending into one another; I was eagerly waiting for a Game of Thrones character to appear. The movie doesn’t get over itself; it remains in awe of it’s own concept.

One concept I did like was to take gratitude for what you have in the form of a rock in my pocket. I take this moment to thank the World Wide Web for giving me limitless access to major amounts of publishable GB space and a varied audience willing to spend time reading my  blog.

Stay tuned for more UPI.



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